HP Mini PC Rack Mount Kit UM-HPI-201

After rack mounting Apple, Beelink, Intel and Lenovo Mini PCs in 19″ / 10″ racks, it´s finaly time for HP.
Rack Mount Kit “UM-HPI-201” is now avaiable and gives your HP Mini PC a home in a 19″ rack.

HP Mini PC rack
HP Mini PC rack mount kit

HP Mini PC 19 inch

“UM-HPI-201” only takes 1U and overs full support for the HP Mini PC product models EliteDesk 800 G6Elite Mini 800 G9Elite Mini 600 G9ProDesk 600 G6ProDesk 400 G6Pro Mini 400 G9 and Pro Mini 260 G9. To match the connectors for each product model we gave the rack mount kit ten fully configurable connectors. Out of thirteen keystone inline couplers chose the configuration that matches your HP Mini PC.

The rack mount kit is supplied fully assembled with the connectors of your choice and a labeled front foil. Velcro straps securely fasten the Mini PC plus power supply unit to the rack mount kit. So no screws are needed and you don’t have to unscrew your device. Cutouts for air circulation are provided at the points where the product and its power supply unit are mounted.

Optionally, you can configure a “Rail System” to make the Rack Mount Kit 200 mm extendable. After connecting the connectors with cables on the rack mount kit, you are ready for installation in the 19 inch rack.

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