racknex develops and produces rack mount kits for the professional installation of firewalls, switches, routers, mini and single board computers in 10 and 19 inch network / server cabinets.

Peter Scharf and Markus Tesch are the core team of racknex. Together they form a fusion of product development and data processing.
Supplemented by a team of engineers and a marketing department, the result is the optimal combination for the development of rack mount kits.

Peter Scharf

The bundled technical know-how behind the racknex products. Responsible for technical development and implementation.

Markus Tesch

The organiser and therefore responsible for all business operations and the partner program.

Philipp Nepraunig

The technical knowledge database of racknex. This is where all information about products comes together.

The people behind racknex are the soul of the company

Openness and dynamism, the culture for a jointly successful future

The core team consisting of Peter Scharf and Markus Tesch founded the company racknex in Graz in 2017. They started with the first specially developed rack mount kit for a Barracuda firewall, with the aim of significantly improving the IT organisation of small and medium-sized enterprises.

This was followed in 2018 by the implementation of further rack mount kits from well-known manufacturers ready for series production. In September 2019, racknex opened its online doors for the first time with a product range of over 60 rack mount kits and has since brought order and clarity to the 10 and 19 inch server rack.

Think and act as a team

The interfaces of racknex are closely interlocked from customer service to organisation and technology. This results in the advantage of fast and flexible reaction times to current market changes. This gives our customers the security of direct access to know-how and individual solutions.

Openness and flexibility as orientation

Freedom of thought and the superiority of an open and unbiased approach to people are as much a part of racknex’s basic manifestos as the rejection of hierarchical, exclusionary positions towards people and cultures. As a company and as people, we recognise and appreciate the opportunities in working together.