Dell OptiPlex Micro Rack Mount

Dell OptiPlex Micro Rack Mount Kit

Mount your Dell OptiPlex Mini PCs with form factor Micro neatly into a 19 inch rack with racknex´s "UM-DEL-201" Rack Mount Kit.
2x Lenovo ThinkCentre / ThinkStation -Tiny rack mount kit

2x Lenovo ThinkCentre / ThinkStation -Tiny Rack Mount Kit

After the successful mounting of a Lenovo ThinkCentre or ThinkStation -Tiny on 1.00U in a 19 inch rack with our Rack Mount Kit "UM-LEN-001" we now present "UM-LEN-202" with space for up to two ThinkeCentre / ThinkStation -Tiny Mini PC's.

Barco ClickShare Rack Mount Kit

"UM-BAO-201" is our latest and first rack mount kit for Barco's ClickShare hybrid meeting solution. It allows perfect mounting of two ClickShares in a 19 inch rack on only 1U.
HP Mini PC rack

HP Mini PC Rack Mount Kit UM-HPI-201

After rack mounting Apple, Beelink, Intel and Lenovo Mini PCs in 19" / 10" racks, it´s finaly time for HP. Rack Mount Kit "UM-HPI-201" is now avaiable and gives your HP Mini PC a home in a 19" rack.
19 inch and 10 inch rackmount kits for KoCoBox Med+

New 19″ and 10″ Rackmount Kits for KoCoBox Med+

KoCo Connector starts in the next KoCoBox Med+ generation - and so do we! Rackmount Kit "NM-KCB-202" with space for up to two KoCoBox Med+ in the 19" rack and "NM-KCB-303" with space for one in the smaller 10" rack are now available.
Telekom Glasfaser Modem 2 rack mount

Telekom Glasfaser 2 Modem Rackmount Kit

Looking for a clean solution to mount the Telekom Glasfaser Modem 2 in the 19“ rack? With our newest Rackmount Kit "NM-TEL-201" this is now possible and not only one but two!
19 inch Fritzbox 5590 Fiber rackmount

AVM FRITZ!Box 5590 Fiber Rackmount

Our eleventh FRITZ!Box Rackmount Kit "NM-AVM-012" is here and mounts your AVM FRITZ!Box 5590 Fiber cleanly in the 19" rack.
Beelink GTI/GTR Series rack mount kit

Beelink GTI / GTR Series Rackmount Kit

With our newest Rackmount Kit "UM-BEE-201", Beelinks GTI8 / 11 and GTR4 / 5 find a clean place in your 19 inch rack.
Lenovo ThinkCentre M Series Tiny rackmount kit 19 inch

Lenovo ThinkCentre M Series Tiny Rackmount Kit 19 inch

Having successfully accommodated Intel's Nuc and Apple's Mac Mini in the 19-inch rack, we are now proud to launch our first rackmount kit for Lenovo's Mini PC ThinkCentre.
Rackmount kits for Sophos XGS Series Desktop

Rackmount Kits for Sophos XGS Series Desktop

With our three new 19 inch Sophos Rackmount Kits "NM-SOP-201", "NM-SOP-214" and "NM-SOP-215" we now fully support all firewalls of the Sophos XGS Desktop series.
FortiGate 80/81F rack mount kit

Rackmount Kit for the Fortinet FortiGate 80/81F-Series

If you're a fan of clean and well-organized racks, then our latest rackmount kit "NM-FOR-009" could be just what you're looking for.
10 inch Intel NUC rack

10 inch Intel NUC Rackmount Kit

After building 19 inch rackmount kits for Intel NUCs in February, we have now developed our first 10 inch Intel NUC rackmount kit "UM-INT-303".