racknex Rack Mount Kits – Rasperry Pi 5 Ready

With the launch of the highly anticipated Raspberry Pi 5 in October, we are receiving a lot of questions about compatibility with our existing Raspberry Pi Rack Mount Kits in relation to the new Pi powerhouse. In this ...
Raspberry Pi 10 inch rack mount kit

5x Raspberry Pi in 10 inch

After the successful launch of our first two Raspberry Pi 10 inch rack mount kits "UM-SBC-305" and "UM-SBC-306", now comes the "UM-SBC-308" with space for up to 5 Raspberries.
12x Pi in the 19 inch rack

12x Raspberry Pi Rack Mount Kit

With space for up to 12 Raspberry's, the "UM-SBC-207" is our Rack Mount Kit, which brings the largest selection of configurations in addition to the most Pi's with it.
New 10 inch Raspberry Pi rackmount kit

10 inch Raspberry Pi Rack Mount Kits

To enable a clean integration of Raspberry Pi's also for small networks, we now offer two Raspberry Pi Rack Mount Kits for the 10 inch network/servers cabinet.
Raspberry Pi rack kit 1U

19 inch Raspberry Pi Rack Mount Kits now available in 1U

With our latest Raspberry Pi Rack Mount Kit, the "UM-SBC-204", we would like to close a still open gap in our product range. A space-saving variant on only one height unit (1U).
More features for racknex raspberry pi rack mount kits

Even more features for Raspberrys in the server rack

The Rack Mount Kit "UM-SBC-203" is a further development step for the integration of single board computers in your server rack