2x Lenovo ThinkCentre / ThinkStation -Tiny Rack Mount Kit

After the successful mounting of a Lenovo ThinkCentre or ThinkStation -Tiny on 1.00U in a 19 inch rack with our Rack Mount Kit “UM-LEN-001” we now present “UM-LEN-202” with space for up to two ThinkeCentre / ThinkStation -Tiny Mini PC’s.

2x Lenovo ThinkCentre / ThinkStation -Tiny rack mount kit

Mount two Lenovo ThinkCentre Tiny or ThinkStation Tiny in the 19 inch rack

Lenovo Rack Mount Kit “UM-LEN-202” is specially designed for mounting two TinkCentre Tiny or ThinkStation Tiny with associated power supply on 1.00U (Rack Unit) in a 19 inch rack. The power supply will be mounted directly behind the rack mount kit on a bracket.

The rack mount kit allows you to mount your Lenovo Tinys in either direction. Connectors facing the front or power button facing the front. For connectors facing the front we have added a small cutout to the front of the rack mount to route the power cable.

The Lenovo Mini PC´s themselves are gently attached to the rack mount kit with Velcro straps and are ready to use after attaching the four rack mount screws (included). Optionally, you can configure a “Rail System” to extend the rack mount kit by 200 mm or cover a free slot temporarily / permanently with our “Slot Cover”.

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